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Spanky’s Gourmet Pickles, LLC, the nation’s premier fundraising company, is aggressively and generously looking to partner with individuals on a full or part-time basis.  The objective of FRC’s is to position Spanky’s Gourmet Pickles to be selected as an organization’s fundraising partner and provide schools, organizations, clubs, or athletic teams with healthy snacks as an option to sugary products that contribute to diabetes and obesity and to help them achieve and/or exceed their fundraising goals. Our revenue splits and commissions are ranked the highest in the industry.

Example: Washington Elementary School Enrollment 500 students of which 200 achieves his/her goal of 20 jars sold @ $20 each over a 45 day sales cycle = $80,000 total funds raised.

    • Fundraising group receives 50/50 revenue split or $40,000 (less shipping and handling)
    • Fundraising Consultant receives 10% or $4,000.00 per account closed. Opportunity: Close 50 accounts per year and earn $200,000! There are over 1 million school systems in America.

Spanky’s Gourmet Pickles offers over 25 products for fundraising supporters, including dilled, habanero, garlic, hot and sweet pickles, olives, asparagus, green beans, okra, carrots, relishes, chow chow and yes, pickled eggs.


Identify and contact organization fundraising leaders.  Discuss fundraising goals, finalize Spanky’s Gourmet Pickles, LLC as their fundraising partner. Select products, confirm delivery, distribution, paper work, communications, etc.


    • Integrity, honesty, excellent people skills all validated via references and background check
    • Graduate/undergraduate degrees a plus but not mandatory.
    • Fundraising experience and contacts a major plus.
    • Ability to establish and maintain business relationships, knows how to “close the sale”
    • Well organized, high-energy, team oriented individual with strong leadership qualities. Self-starter and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Highly ethical with a strong sense of personal values with entrepreneurial spirit

COMPENSATION – As an independent 1099 consultant……..UNLIMITED!

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