1) Fill out the form with your information 

  • Someone from our organization will contact you within 24 hours
  • Fundraisers are all customized based on your needs 

2) Share the information you receive 

  • Our fundraisers are completely touch-free, you will be given all of the materials you  need to have a successful fundraiser
  • Share the information by posting on your website, social media, text, emails and by  word of mouth
  • Your organization is given a unique tracking code, assuring that all purchases made on  behalf of your organization are credited to your campaign 

3) Sell 

  • Selling is all that you are required to do!
  • All orders will be shipped directly to each buyer. No sorting or distribution by your  parents, students or members!
  • Once the campaign is finished and all orders are reconciled, your organization gets 50%  of the net total sales using your unique code. 

It’s as easy as I, 2, 3!

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