Teacher Program

Supplemental Income Program

Become a 1099 Independent Fundraising Consultant for Spanky's Gourmet Pickles

Become Your School's Fundraising Agent for Spanky's Gourmet Pickles & Popcorn, and earn 10% of the Net Revenue.


ABC Elementary

200 students with the aid of their parents or parent teacher group, each sell 20 jars of our gourmet pickled vegetables, fruits or our 8 flavors of popcorn

200 parents sell 20 jars of product x average cost of $20 = $80,000

Spanky’s Gourmet offers a 50/50 Revenue split and a No Touch. Just share link on your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok etc

ABC elementary in this example earned $40,000
in a 15 day sales cycle.

The commission to the Educator participating in the Teacher in class program, earned 10% of the Net Net. The teacher earned 10% of the Net Net.

Which equals $2000.00 in this estimated commission example. The final total is based on the results of the organization’s fundraising initiative.

Teacher Program is subject to approval from CEO, District Office, Principal, Director, Supervisor or other and all local, state, and federal governing laws by state.

As a past Special Education Teacher at Bailly Academy (Gary, Indiana; 7th and 8th grade), I know first-hand that we educators are not compensated our worth. Therefore, here at Spanky’s Gourmet, we will rally for our fellow teachers by creating a High Commission opportunity. So, teachers can supplement their income without having to take on extra shifts outside of the classroom.