Veteran Program

Supplemental Income Program

Become a 1099 Independent Fundraising Consultant for Spanky's Gourmet Pickles

Become a Fundraising Agent for Spanky's Gourmet Pickles & Popcorn, and earn 10% of the Net Revenue.


The Veteran secured a school with 200 participants (PTO, PTA, Band, etc.) and each participant sells 20 jars of our gourmet pickled vegetables, fruits or our 8 flavors of popcorn    

200 participants sell 20 jars of product x average cost of $20 = $80,000

Spanky’s Gourmet offers a 50/50 Revenue split and a No Touch. Just share link on your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok etc

The Veteran Program in this example earned $40,000
In a 15 day sales cycle.

The commission to the Veteran participating in the Veteran Program, earned 10% of the Net Net. The Veteran earned 10% of the Net Net.

Which equals $2000.00 in this estimated commission example. The final total is based on the results of the organization’s fundraising initiative.

As a past Special Education Teacher at Bailly Academy (Gary, Indiana; 7th and 8th grade), I know first-hand that we educators are not compensated our worth. Therefore, here at Spanky’s Gourmet, we will rally for our fellow teachers by creating a High Commission opportunity. So, teachers and other organizers can supplement their income without having to take on extra shifts outside of their classroom or organization.